Authorize ArcEngine Runtime and ArcGIS Developer Kit 10.x

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to authorize ArcEngine Runtime: ArcEngine Runtime Concurrent Use, Single Use, and ArcGIS Developer Kit, Single Use licenses for version 10.x.


Launch ArcGIS Administrator: Start > Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator.

  1. From the navigation pane of ArcGIS Administrator, select the Engine folder to display one of the following windows:

  2. Select ArcGIS Engine Runtime based on type and license: ArcEngine (Concurrent Use), (Single Use) or ArcGIS Engine Runtime and ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit (Single Use).
  3. If authorizing a concurrent use license, select that option, click Change, and in the Change License Manager dialog box, enter or browse to the License Manager hostname, and click OK.
  4. Click the Authorize Now button.
  5. Select either:
    • 'I have installed my software and need to authorize it', or select
    • 'I have received an authorization file from Esri and am now ready to finish the authorization process' if a provisioning or authorization file is being used.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select either:
    • 'Authorize with ESRI now using the Internet' or,
    • 'Authorize at Esri's website or by email to receive your authorization file' if the offline authorization method is being used.

    The last option,
    • 'Authorize your software from a local license server' is used if a transfer of the either concurrent-use or enterprise single-use licenses are being made from one machine to another machine.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Complete all of the required fields that are indicated with an asterisk, and click Next.
  10. Within the three drop-down fields, enter the most appropriate selections, and click Next.
  11. If prompted, enter the ArcGIS Engine Runtime authorization number beginning with either EFL or ESU and click Next.
  12. If authorizing the ArcGIS Engine, extensions can also be authorized, but this is unavailable if authorizing ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit. If presented with this alternative, two options are provided, either:
    • 'I do not want to authorize any extensions at this time' or
    • 'I have authorization number(s) to authorize one or more extensions.'

    Select the appropriate option and click Next.
  13. Click Finish. Once the authorization wizard completes, the ArcGIS Administrator window displays and the license authorization can be verified in the Availability folder.

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