Assertion "Valid Palette object" failed at line 447 of file "..\symwin\palette.c"

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

This error occurs when using the request Palette.MakeFromFile:

Assertion "ValidPalette object" failed at line 447 of file "..\symwin\palette.c"


The specified ODB file does not have a palette as the first object in the file, which is required by the Palette.MakeFromFile request.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Open a New Script window.
  2. Copy and paste this code into script window.

    '-- This sample Avenue code demonstrates how to use the
    '-- Palette.MakeFromFile request with ODB files that have
    '-- palettes as the first object.

    newFileName ="*.avp","ArcView Palette Files (*.avp)","")
    if(newFileName = nil) then
    return nil

    testodb =
    firstobject = testodb.get(0)
    if( then
    newPalette = Palette.MakeFromFile(newFileName)

  3. Compile and run script.

Article ID:000002510

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