Assertion "Read/Write access on NewFile (OpenFile)" failed at line 1738 of file "..\jaro\dbprim.c"

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When performing an address query and clicking OK, the following error is returned:

Assertion "Read/Write access on NewFile (OpenFile)" failed at line 1738 of file

Sometimes geocoding works every other time, alternating with this error.


After porting a project and attempting to geocode within it, the index file cannot be located because the path was not changed like the source data.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Open the project file in a text editor.
  2. Search for all occurrences of the string ".idx".

    This will bring you to each place in the project file where a geocoding index file is referenced. You will find a section that looks like this:

    Name: "US Single House"
    XRefStr: "FILE j:/other/hn1.idx\nINDEX 1 I1\nINDEX 2 I2\nEND"

  3. Change the "XRefStr" parameter line so that it reads:

    XRefStr: "FILE j:\\other\\hn1.idx\nINDEX 1 I1\nINDEX 2 I2\nEND"

    Make particular note of the double slashes in the path statement. Do not worry about the single slash in the "\n" (this is a C language escape character that means "new line"). Most path statements in the project file use single front slashes "/"; this is true both on the PC and on the UNIX platforms. Geocoding index files, on the other hand, need to have double back slashes in the "XRefStr" parameter line only.

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