Assertion failed at line 201 of file "cpanel.c"

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

The following error occurs when opening a project in ArcView . . .

Assertion "LIST_Count(self->ResBoxes)== LIST_Count(self->Children)" failed at line 201 of file "cpanel.c"


The project has been saved with the 3d_point_of_view.avx extension turned on. This is a third party extension that adds corrupt elements to the project file.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Select Start>Find>Find Files or Folders . . .
  2. Search all local drives for a file named 3D_point_of_view.avx.
  3. Rename it to 3D_point_of_view.old.
  4. Make a back up copy of the APR file.
  5. Open the APR in a text editor such as WordPad or NotePad.
  6. Search for the text "Prefs:". You should find a line that looks like the following. The number may be different.

         Prefs: 11

  7. Add an REM to the beginning of this line and save the file. The line should now look like the following.

    REM  Prefs: 11

  8. Open the APR file in ArcView.
  9. Click Cancel when asked "Where is . . . 3D_point_of_view.avx?"
  10. Save the project.

    Do not turn on this extension again.

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