Assertion:"ext.x > 0.0 && ext.y > 0.0"failed at line 448 of file..\glist\gsbar.c

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

This error occurs when trying to open a project:

Assertion:"ext.x > 0.0 && ext.y > 0.0" failed at line 448 of file..\glist\gsbar.c


The layout contains a corrupt scalebar.

Solution or Workaround

You need to edit the project file to delete the scalebar frame from the layout.

  1. Make a backup copy of your .apr file.
  2. Open the APR file in a text editor, such as WordPad or Notepad in Windows, vi or textedit in UNIX.
  3. Search for the string ScaleBarFrame.

    This is how a scalebar is listed in the .apr file.

    Name: "ScaleBarFrame2"
    Bounds: 11191
    Sym: 11192
    GView: 11175
    Style: 3
    Units: 4
    Interval: 0.95000000000000
    Intervals: -4
    TextRatio: 1.50000000000000
    TextSym: 11196

    Notice that ArcView has numbered this scalebar as 11190.

  4. Locate the Layout that contains this scalebar.

    Name: "Base Plot Layout"
    CreationDate: "Thu Nov 14 23:35:33 1996"
    GUIName: "Layout"
    Win: 17642
    CSMgr: 17643
    Graphics: 17644
    Dpy: 11185

    Owner: 17641
    Open: 1
    X: 148
    Y: 13
    W: 321
    H: 272


    Child: 17645

    Child: 17645
    Child: 11175
    Child: 11190

    The Layout where the scalebar is located is called "Base Plot Layout".

    The scalebar is listed in the Layout's Graphic List (GList) as:

    Child:  11190

  5. Remove this line from the GList.
  6. Save the project file.
  7. Open the project in ArcView.

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