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Are there methods in the ArcObjects API equivalent in functionality to IMeasurementTool.ConstructByPointDistAngle and IToolMeasurement.ConstructByPoints?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Because the Esri Defense Solutions product and its associated ArcObjects library were deprecated at ArcObjects 10.1, certain methods are no longer available at later versions of the SDK. Two examples are the IMeasurementTool.ConstructByPointDistAngle and IToolMeasurement.ConstructByPoints methods, which were used to compute geodetic distance, angle, and azimuth. To execute these computations, there are several alternative tools within the SDK.
To compute geodetic distance between two points, one can use:

To compute a geodetic line based on an input azimuth and length, use the following method:

The polyline's from_point and to_point represent the constituent start and end points of the line.

To compute an angle based on the x-axis, given an infinite line, the following method exists:

One can compute the azimuth from true north based on the orientation of the polyline.

For further reading, the following web page provides help on Geodetic Curves: Geodetic curve support in the ArcObjects Geometry API (ArcObjects .NET 10.5 SDK).

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