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Are there files for download to help migrate from DHDN/Gauss-KrÃŒger to ETRS89/ UTM?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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This article was contributed by Esri Deutschland, the Esri distributor for Germany.

Yes, there are files available for download to help in migrating from DHDN/Gauss-Kr�ger to ETRS89/UTM.

Germany is transitioning from the DHDN/Gauss-Kr�ger reference system to the new official ETRS89/UTM reference system. The definition of False Easting is a particularly important consideration when migrating from the old reference system to the new one.

Adjusted projection files for use in ArcGIS Desktop 9.x are available for download from Esri Germany´s website: Welches UTM h�tten Sie denn gern?

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