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Are ArcGIS StoryMaps templates available for download?

Last Published: September 29, 2021


Users sometimes ask if the templates for ArcGIS Online StoryMaps (new and Classic) are available to download.

The reasons users ask about this seem to be the following:

  1. They want additional customization of functionality and/or styling not available on the hosted (on ArcGIS Online/Portal) versions
  2. They want to host the StoryMaps on their own server/computer
  3. They know that the Classic StoryMap templates are available for download and they are wondering if new StoryMaps templates are available for download for reasons 1 and 2 above

The source files for the Classic StoryMaps templates are available for download and customization. The source files are not available for new StoryMaps.

StoryMaps Classic:

The Resources page on the Classic StoryMaps site states under the If You're a Developer section (located at the bottom of the page): "The Esri Story Map app templates are open source and are available on Github. Free ArcGIS Online accounts are available to developers."

Links provided are the following:

Classic StoryMaps are not available offline but a couple of templates offer the option to save to PDF .

"New" StoryMaps:

The new, updated StoryMaps is only available through the builder in either ArcGIS Online or Portal. The source files are not available for download.

A PDF of the StoryMap can be saved by clicking the three dots menu at the top right of the story, and clicking Print preview.

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