ArcPad crashes on startup when My Documents is mapped to a UNC path

Last Published: April 25, 2020


In ArcPad 10.0 SP2, some users experience a fatal application error immediately on startup.


This behavior does not occur when ArcPad is installed on a Windows Mobile device. On desktop machines, the behavior only occurs when the user's My Documents folder is mapped to a UNC path. For example, storing My Documents at '\\localhost\documents' would cause a crash, but referring to the same location as the 'Z:\' drive enables ArcPad to behave normally.


Map a network drive, for example X:\, to the UNC path where My Documents are stored. Set the target location of My Documents to the new mapped location instead of the UNC path by following the steps below.

Alternatively, rolling back to ArcPad 10.0 SP1 also resolves the issue.

  1. Navigate to Windows Explorer > Tools > Map Network Drive.

  2. Type in the location of the network share where the My Documents content is stored, for example, \\fileserver\johndoe\My Documents.
  3. In Windows XP, open the Start Menu, right-click My Documents and click Properties.

    The Target tab stores the path that needs to be modified.

    It is necessary to use the new mapped drive as the location of My Documents.

    In Windows 7, navigate to the My Documents folder itself and select My Documents Properties. The Location tab stores the path which needs to be modified.
  4. After making this change, ArcPad should open again normally.

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