ArcIMS 9.2 ColdFusion Connector returns error 'Unable to load library cfx_esrimap.dll'

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Attempts to run any of the ArcIMS 9.2 ColdFusion Samples results in the following error message displayed by ColdFusion:

"Unable to load library"

<ArcIMS Installation Location>\Connectors\ColdFusion\Server\cfx_esrimap.dll


The ArcIMS installation includes library files which have dependencies upon some Visual Studio libraries, which are also included in the ArcIMS installation.

In ArcIMS 9.2, the library files related to the ColdFusion Connector have dependencies on the mfc71.dll file. This file is missing from the ArcIMS 9.2 installation, and ESRI is working on addressing this in a future Service Pack release.


The mfc71.dll library file is located on a computer that has Visual Studio 2003 or 2005 installed.

Copy this file over to the ArcIMS 9.2 system and permit the ColdFusion connector to work.

  1. Locate the mfc71.dll file version 7.10.3077.0 from a computer that has Visual Studio installed, or from the Internet.
  2. Copy the mfc71.dll file to the ArcIMS 9.2 system under the Windows\System32 folder. Alternatively, place the mfc71.dll file under <ArcIMS Installation Location>\Connectors\ColdFusion\Server.
  3. Restart all of the services: ColdFusion Application Server, ArcIMS 9.2 services, and Web services.
  4. The ArcIMS ColdFusion Samples should now launch without errors and you can use the Coldfusion Connector for development.

    If there are still errors, verify that all steps have been followed in regards to setting up the Coldfusion Connector as documented in the ArcIMS Installation Guide.

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