ArcIMS 3.1 Services stop for no reason

Last Published: April 25, 2020


On some installations, ArcIMS Tasker, ArcIMS Monitor, and ArcIMS Application Server stop for no reason.


There are several possible causes:
· There may be a conflict with Microsoft Exchange 2000. Upon stopping and disabling the services for Exchange 2000, the problem goes away.

· There may be a conflict with Microsoft System Management Server (SMS) Client services SMS Client and SMS Remote Control Agent. Once the services are stopped and disabled, the problem goes away.

· Dell diagnostic tools on Dell servers (more commonly a problem with Tomcat).

· It has been reported that when running the IBM Netfinity Director on Windows 2000, the ArcIMS services can be started, but they automatically stop in about 30-60 seconds. An error such as the following may be logged into the system event log: "DCOM errors, access denied attempting to launch DCOM server" and the services stop after 30-60 seconds.

Director uses a service called Director Support Program that seems to conflict with ArcIMS. If the Director service is stopped, then the ArcIMS services remain running.

Solution or Workaround

ESRI does not recommend or support having Microsoft Exchange Server and ArcIMS on the same computer. Exchange Server is very high in proccessor usage, thus causing ArcIMS not to have the resources it needs to function properly.

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