ArcGIS Server Site is not configured. Code: 500

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When accessing a REST endpoint, the following error message may be returned:

"Error: ArcGIS Server Site is not configured. Check with your ArcGIS Server administrator for resolution; an ArcGIS Server site is created or machines are added to an existing site using ArcGIS Server Manager.
Code: 500"


The Active Directory account used to access the security store has had its password changed.

Solution or Workaround

This error can be resolved by updating the password for the Active Directory account.

Solution A

(1) Log into ArcGIS Server Manager page:


(2) Click the Security tab.

(3) Under Configuration Settings, click the pencil button to edit the settings.

(4) Under User and Role Management, click the option that corresponds to the existing security configuration:

• 'Users and roles from an existing enterprise system (LDAP or Windows Domain)'


• 'Users from an existing enterprise system (LDAP or Windows Domain) and roles from ArcGIS Server's built-in store'

Click Next.

(5) Under Enterprise Store Type, click Windows Domain, and click Next.

(6) Enter the domain\username in the username space. Enter the current correct password for the Active Directory account above in the Password section.

Click 'Test Connection' to verify the Active Directory connection, and click Next.

(7) Under Authentication Tier, click the option that corresponds with the existing security configuration:

• GIS Server Tier


• Web Tier

Click Next and click Finish to register the changes.

Solution B

(1) Log into ArcGIS Server Admin page:


(2) Click the 'security' link.

(3) Click 'config'.

(4) Click 'updateIdentityStore'.

(5) Under User Store Configuration (in JSON format), update the password for 'adminUserPassword' attribute.

Do not type in brackets and type the password in plain text.

An example of the JSON script is shown below:

"type": "WINDOWS",
"properties": {
"adminUserPassword": "[password]",
"adminUser": "[domain]\\[user name]",

(6) Repeat Step 5 under Role Store Configuration if the Role Store is also distributed through Windows Active Directory.

(7) Click Update.

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