ArcGIS Server logs report hourly severe messages indicating webhook processor initialization failure

Last Published: February 21, 2024


After upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise to version 11.2 from 11.0 or 11.1, severe log messages are observed from ArcGIS Server once per hour, about the webhook processor failing to initialize or start.

Example log messages:

These messages appear approximately hourly:

Severe - Webhook log: Error in Webhook Processor. init WebhookProcessors failed. FS Webhook processor init failed Connecting to queue : 20839fac-4d87-4737-8df7-3c264dc8aff3_FS_Raw_Events_Queue failed. Could not create a queue with id : [20839fac-4d87-4737-8df7-3c264dc8aff3_FS_Raw_Events_Queue] Connection refused: connect.

The following message will only be posted once, immediately after the upgrade has completed:

Severe - Failed to configure queue store. C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\DataStore\framework\runtime\rabbitmq\erl-24.2\bin\erl.ini (The system cannot find the path specified)
This scenario does not impact Organization (portal) webhooks.


The queue store, a component required for service webhooks to function has failed to properly start after upgrading to 11.2. The webhook processor within ArcGIS Server fails to connect, and attempts to self-repair, logging messages every hour.


If service webhooks are not being used within ArcGIS Enterprise, the webhook processor can be disabled by the following steps, which prevents these severe log messages.

  1. In the ArcGIS Administrator Directory, navigate to System. For example: 
  1. Navigate to Properties. For example:
  1. Click Update.
  2. Enter the following JSON, enclosed in curly brackets, { }, or add this keypair if content properties are already present:
  1. Restart ArcGIS Server.

If your organization requires service webhooks to remain functional, please contact Esri Technical Support to discuss other solutions.

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  • ArcGIS Enterprise 11 2

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