ArcGIS License Manager options file exhibits issues with use of INCLUDE and INCLUDE_ENTITLEMENT keywords

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Various issues are apparent when using the INCLUDE and INCLUDE_ENTITLEMENT keywords in the ArcGIS License Manager options file to control the checkout and borrowing of licenses.


INCLUDE (controls the checkout of licenses only):
When used alone, issues arise that affect the borrowing of licenses by any user or host listed (this keyword should not control borrowing at all).

INCLUDE_ENTITLEMENT (controls the borrowing of licenses only):
When used alone, no issues are seen and borrowing is controlled as expected (checkout is not affected).

INCLUDE used with INCLUDE_ENTITLEMENT (to control borrowing and checkout at the same time):
In the case of INCLUDE used together with INCLUDE_ENTITLEMENT, any user or host listed cannot borrow (should allow borrows as well as checkout). Any user or host not listed cannot checkout or borrow (this is expected behavior).

EXCLUDE and EXCLUDE_ENTITLEMENT are not affected inversely.

This technical article will be updated when information changes or issues are fixed.


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