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ArcGIS Developer Subscription Changes (March 2024)

Last Published: September 26, 2023


The ArcGIS Developer Subscription is changing effective March 1, 2024, and will no longer include ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop), ArcGIS Engine, or ArcGIS AppStudio.

This change is due to ArcMap and ArcGIS Engine versions 10.8.x entering the Mature Support phase of the product life cycle, indicating the end of software support for bug fixes and product enhancements. An announcement for a February 2025 retirement of ArcGIS AppStudio has also been made.

Since these products are entering the mature phases of the product life cycle and are moving closer to retired status, Esri has decided to remove them from the ArcGIS Developer Subscriptions (Builder, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise).

Q. How does the retirement of these products affect a customer who has an ArcGIS Developer Subscription?

A. Starting March 1, 2024, ArcMap, ArcGIS Engine, and ArcGIS AppStudio Developer Edition will no longer be available through the ArcGIS Developer Subscription (Builder, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise) plans. Existing customers with an active license for ArcGIS AppStudio Developer Edition will continue to receive support until February 2025.

ArcGIS Engine Deployment Runtime licenses are not part of the ArcGIS Developer Subscription and are available separately.

Q. What is the reason for the change?

A. ArcMap and ArcGIS Engine enter Mature Support on March 1st, 2024, this is the end date of software support (no more bug fixes, patches, or hot fixes). In addition, the ArcGIS AppStudio product will be retired in February, 2025. This change affects existing customers who have purchased an ArcGIS Developer Subscription at the Builder, Professional, Premium, or Enterprise level.

Q. With the retirement of these four products, what options are available?

A. Users of ArcMap will need to migrate to ArcGIS Pro. For ArcGIS Engine, customers will need to rewrite their applications in one of the many offerings that best support their needs, including ArcGIS Pro SDK, ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps, or ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript.

For ArcGIS AppStudio Developer Edition, the recommendation is to migrate to one of the following SDKs:

Native app cross-platform development for both mobile and desktop

Native app development on mobile

Native mobile app for field operations (Use within an ArcGIS Organization)

Low-code/No-Code mobile optimized web apps

Q. When will the new licensing be reflected in the Productization Plan?

A. These changes will be reflected in the Productization Plans for the following products, including ArcGIS Developer Subscription: ArcMap, ArcGIS Engine Runtime Deployment, and for ArcGIS AppStudio Developer Edition, shortly after the publication of this document.

Q. Will there be any special considerations for existing ArcMap and ArcGIS Engine customers?

A. Only for customers designated as Sector = Utilities or Sector = Water AND Industry = Water/Wastewater/Stormwater. There are no other exceptions planned. It is important for ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop) users with an ArcGIS Developer Subscription to understand that when their annual subscription expires, they will no longer be able to access ArcMap and ArcGIS Engine. The transition plan is to move them to the GIS Professional user type, which includes ArcGIS Pro, not ArcMap.

It is critical that these users understand the need to begin or continue migrating their workflows into ArcGIS Pro now, ahead of this licensing transition. A number of migration resources have been made available through the Migrate from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro web page and we encourage ArcMap users to leverage these resources. Customers are encouraged to work with their account manager, distributor, or Customer Service through this transition.

Q. What about customers who still need ArcGIS AppStudio Developer Edition after it is removed from the ArcGIS Developer Subscription on March 1, 2024?

A. After this time, existing customers can get the ArcGIS AppStudio desktop download by working directly with customer service. If customers need a license of ArcGIS AppStudio Developer Edition, then it will be available as long as they are current on their paid ArcGIS Developer Subscription.

There is no option for new customers to receive ArcGIS AppStudio Developer Edition after March 1, 2024.

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