ArcCatalog converts column type Double to Numeric when using SQL Server

Last Published: April 25, 2020


ArcCatalog converts a column type Double(0,0) to column type Numeric 17(38,8) when using SQL Server. This can result in data not loading properly. Column type Double(0,0) should be converted to a Float(0,0).


This is a known issue.


Follow one of the workarounds below:

  • Define the columns outside of ArcCatalog.
  • Manually change the column in SQL Server.

    This may only work on an empty column. Data loss may occur if the column types are not compatible.

  • Create a business table using the ArcSDE Admin command sdetable.

    1. Use the following syntax to create a table.

    C:\>sdetable -o create -t NewTable -d "NewColumn1 float(0,0)" -i 5151 -s servername -D database -u test -p test

    2. Turn the table into a layer using the ArcSDE Admin command sdelayer.

    C:\>sdelayer -o add -l NewTable,shape -e s -g 100
    0,0,0 -G 28355 -i 5151 -s servername -D database -u test -p test

    3. Register the layer with the geodatabase using ArcCatalog.
    4. Populate the layer using the Simple Data Loader in ArcCatalog.

Article ID:000007248

  • ArcMap 9 x

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