An unexpected error occurred in the Select By Location command. Unable to create logfile system tables

Last Published: January 6, 2021

Error Message

When using the Select By Location, Select by Attribute or Select tool for more than 100 features, the following error message is displayed:

An unexpected error occurred in the Select By Location command. Unable to create logfile system tables. User perhaps lacks permissions or resources to create tables [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server: The specified schema name "SDEREADER" either does not exist or you do not have permission to use it.]
ArcSDE software, including the application server, command tools, and SDK with C and Java APIs, was deprecated at ArcGIS 10.2.2 and is no longer distributed. ArcGIS software features were deprecated, rather than immediately removed, to provide customers with backward compatibility and give as much advance notice as possible to adopt newer technology.


The schema set in the database is not the same as the username.

ArcSDE is hard-coded to look for a schema that matches the user name within the database specified. This problem only occurs with ArcSDE 9.1 Service Pack 1 and SQL server 2005, and is a result of the new concept of user schemas with SQL server 2005.

If users are going to be owning/creating data or making large selection sets that require user logfiles to be created, ensure that the user and schema name match exactly.

For more information, refer to Error: Failed to create feature class. DBMS table not found [database.user.fcname].

Solution or Workaround

Ensure that all new users have the same default schema name as their username within each database.

See following example of the Login properties under the User mapping page in SQL Server Management Studio. This illustrates how the default schema name is set when adding a login as a user within a particular database. Default schemas need to be set for all users within each database.

[O-Image] [O] usermapping

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