An image catalog does not appear in the directory when using Add Theme

Last Published: April 25, 2020


An image catalog in the .DBF format does not appear in the directory after clicking the Add Theme button in the view.


This problem may result from:

· Incorrect 'Data Source Type' in the Add Theme dialog bix.

· Incorrect format of the image catalog file.

Solution or Workaround

  • Make suret 'Image Data Source' is selected in the 'Data Source Types' dropdown menu of the 'Add Theme' dialog box.

    'Feature Data Source' will only look for shapefiles or coverages, if no additional extensions are loaded.

  • If you have 'Image Data Source' selected, the .dbf used as the catalog file may have an invalid structure. One record must exist in the table for it to be valid. The 5 field names/definitions must be in the following format:

    IMAGE - character
    Xmin - numeric
    Ymin - numeric
    Xmax - numeric
    Ymax - numeric

    See Using ArcView GIS, pg. 308, for more information.

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