&amlpath and &menupath limits with ArcTools

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


Why does ArcTools abort with a message about having too many &amlpaths or &menupaths set?


ARC/INFO has a limit of twenty &amlpaths and twenty &menupaths. This limit has been exceeded when ArcTools adds to the amlpaths and menupaths already set by the user in the ARC/INFO session or in a user-created startup file (i.e. a '.arc' file).

ArcTools requires thirteen AML paths and nineteen menupaths to run properly. During the ArcTools initialization routine, checks are made for the number of &amlpath and &menupath settings. If either of these are exceeded, ArcTools will abort and return a message specifying the number of &amlpaths and &menupaths set.


The number of paths specified with the &amlpath and &menupath directives before starting ArcTools must be limited to seven and one, respectively. If a number of &amlpath or &menupath directives are defined in a '.arc' file, these can be overridden from the command prompt by simply specifying one &amlpath and/or one &menupath.

Article ID:000001308

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