AML ERROR - Undefined variables: HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH

Last Published: April 26, 2020

Error Message

The following error occurs when starting products in ArcInfo:

"AML ERROR - Undefined variables: HOMEDRIVE\\ line 31 of file c:\arcexe8x\startup\arc.aml
AML ERROR - Undefined variables: hidden\\ line 34 of file c:\arcexe8x\startup\arc.aml
AML ERROR - Undefined variables: hidden\\ line 35 of file c:\arcexe8x\startup\arc.aml"


The HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH user variables are either not set or set to path names that contain spaces characters. This can also be caused by Microsoft Security Patch Q835732 on Windows XP.

Solution or Workaround

Set the following variables as both system and user variables:
   HOMEPATH     C:\<create> 
1. Click New in the User Variables window and enter HOMEDRIVE as the variable name, and C: as the Variable value.
2. Repeat the process for HOMEPATH in the user variables.
3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for both HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH in the System Variable window.

Where the variables are set depends on the operating system. See: How To: Edit an environment variable
If the computer is running Windows XP and has Microsoft Security Patch Q835732 applied, call Microsoft's Tech Support at 1-800-936-8248 to receive a hotfix for this issue. Be sure to mention the hotfix for Microsoft Knowledgebase document Q824898 to avoid incurring charges, as this is a known issue to Microsoft.

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