AML error argument-40 invalid, function SHOW

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


In EditTools, when selecting the Set Library button on the Tools pulldown menu, what action should be taken when EditTools fails to set a map library and returns the following message?

AML error argument-40 <<Arcstorm databases>> invalid, function SHOW
line 54 of file /usr/programs/arcexe70/arctools/aelib/ae_lib.aml
An error has occurred in routine INIT (AE_LIB.aml)

The same map library can be successfully set at the command line.


The message is returned because the $ARCHOME/arcstorm directory does not exist. The ae_lib.aml uses the function [SHOW ARCSTORM DATABASES] which fails when the $ARCHOME/arcstorm directory is nonexistent. Typically, sites that chose not to load the ARCSTORM extension never create the directory $ARCHOME/arcstorm.


Create an empty $ARCHOME/arcstorm directory. The [SHOW] function will interpret this to mean that there are no Arcstorm databases, and will not fail.

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