Add to a Territory

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to create and add to a simple territory. (See the Help and User's Guide for additional instructions.)


To create a simple territory of one county and add more counties to extend the territory, use this same procedure with other geography such as States, ZIP Codes, and Census Tracts.

If a territory that needs to be added has already been created, skip to step 6.

  1. To create the initial territory, select the County layer (or other geography) in the Layer window.
  2. Click on the ID button on the toolbar or select Find > ID from the menu. It is possible to also use one of the Find tools, such as Find by Circle or Find by Polygon. When this circle or polygon is drawn on the map, a context menu appears allowing the user to select which Layer to search.
  3. Using the ID tool, click on the map in the map view window to select one or more counties. (It is possible to select States or ZIP Codes to create territories from either of those instead of Counties). The selected geography turns yellow both on the map and in the database window.

    If using the Find by... tool after drawing the circle or polygon on the map, a context menu appears, allowing the user to select which Layer to search. Select the layer, and the results will be highlighted.
  4. Click Territory from the menu and select Create Territory, Using Selection.
  5. Enter a name or click OK to accept the default name, and a territory will be created. The territory can be seen on the map, in the Territory Window, and a new territory layer in the Layer window, if this is the first territory of the map.
  6. To add more areas to this territory, use the ID or Find tools to select more Counties, for example. To select multiple Counties with the ID tool, either hold down the Shift key or check the Add to Selection option in the Find menu.
  7. In the Territory Window, right-click the territory to add to, and select 'Add Selection From Counties.' All the selected counties will be added to the territory (and turn the appropriate territory color).

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