Add HTML formatting to detailed item descriptions in Maps and Apps

Last Published: April 25, 2020


ArcGIS for Local Government provides maps and apps that help implement GIS in a local government context, and a destination where users, partners, and the teams within Esri can collaborate.

The instructions provided describe how to add HTML formatting to detailed item descriptions in Maps and Apps.


By design, the detailed description for an item shown in the Maps and Apps application's gallery has its HTML formatting removed. The intention is to protect the application from malformed or malintentioned HTML. One can permit HTML formatting by deleting the function call that removes the formatting.

  1. Navigate to <installation folder> Application > MapsAndApps and open mapps.html in a text editor.
  2. In the mapps.html file, delete the function call that removes the HTML formatting by changing the following line

    dojo.byId("detailsDialogDescription").innerHTML = textOnly(galleryItem.description);


    dojo.byId("detailsDialogDescription").innerHTML = galleryItem.description;

  3. Save the changes.

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