A geometric network can be programmatically placed in a mixed state of registration

Last Published: April 25, 2020


It is possible to programmatically register a geometric network feature class as versioned while all other network feature classes remaining unversioned. Using the RegisterAsVersioned method on a single network feature class does not propagate through the geometric network and its participating feature classes.

This mixed environment can lead to inconsistencies in the geometric network.

The recommended use of RegisterAsVersioned is at the feature dataset level rather than at the individual feature class level. This workflow is exposed by default through the user interface in ArcCatalog.


This mixed state can be achieved by using RegisterAsVersioned on a single geometric network feature class as opposed to the feature dataset containing the geometric network.


Select an option below:

  • Register the feature dataset containing the geometric network as versioned. This alleviates any possibility of placing the geometric network in a mixed state.
  • If registering the entire dataset is not an option, it is then recommended that the geometric network itself is registered as versioned.

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