1 metadata documents could not be published to the target location due to invalid content

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Attempting to publish a metadata document to an ArcIMS Metadata service produces the following error from ArcCatalog:

"1 metadata documents could not be published to the target location due to invalid content".

The error usually references a specific problem element, such as 'Valid publisher is required' or 'Data theme value is not a valid string'.


The ArcIMS Metadata service has validation turned on. Validation is a setting within ArcIMS Metadata service that checks for five key metadata elements and whether or not they are entered correctly. Without these elements referenced correctly, the document does not pass validation and cannot be published. This check helps to ensure quality metadata documents are published to the service.

Solution or Workaround

All five of the required elements to pass validation must be filled in correctly:
1) Title
2) Publisher
3) Spatial Extent
4) Content theme
5) Resource Description

The following steps use ArcCatalog to edit metadata elements.
To enable the metadata toolbar in ArcCatalog, select the 'view' menu, select 'toolbars' and enable 'metadata'.
With the toolbar active and a metadata view of the data, begin editing the metadata.

For additional information on editing metadata, refer to the following link: Web help: Editing metadata

  1. The title of the metadata document is automatically populated in the metadata document based on the name of the document.

  2. A valid publisher must be filled in. Enter a name or company.

  3. The spatial extent is populated automatically based on the extent of the data.

  4. The Content Theme is an ESRI keyword used to assist metadata and Metadata Explorer in searching for documents based on the data type. Multiple keywords can be used by clicking the plus (+) in the entry box.

    A complete list of content types with codes are available on page 44 of the 'Creating Metadata Services' PDF.

  5. The Resource Description makes reference to the type of data or service that is being published. The data can be any one of the following:
    · Live Data and Maps
    · Downloadable Data
    · Offline Data
    · Map Files (supported in ArcCatalog 8.3 and later)
    · Static Map Images
    · Other Documents
    · Applications
    · Geographic Services
    · Clearinghouses
    · Geographic Activities (supported in ArcCatalog 8.3 and later)

    Enter one of the above entries into the Resource Description box that best explains the metadata type.


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  • ArcMap 9 x
  • Legacy Products

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