010159 : Unable to open VAT file

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

"010159 : Unable to open VAT file of <value>."


Typically, this may be due to incorrect paths or not having permission to access the data folders. If the path and permissions are okay, the next possible source of the problem may be that the raster value attribute table (VAT) is corrupted.

Additionally, this error may occur during some Spatial Analyst operations that require the input rasters have certain statistics properties. The conditions that may make the specified datasets invalid include:

• The statistics have not been calculated
• The statistics contains a skip factor greater than 1
• The statistics contains an ignore value

Solution or Workaround

Check that the file path is correct and read permissions are granted. If the problem continues, determine whether the file is valid. Try to view the contents of the file with an application that can read that format. If the file cannot be read, it may have been corrupted and need to be re-created.

If the input raster dataset's statistics are invalid for any of the reasons listed, use the Calculate Statistics tool to calculate the appropriate statistics for the dataset.

If the raster attribute table is corrupted. Delete the attribute table using the Delete raster Attribute Table Tool (Data Management Tools > Raster > Raster Properties) and build it again using the Build Raster attribute table.

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