001364: Validation of service definition failed

Last Published: November 18, 2020

Error Message

When attempting to publish a feature layer to ArcGIS for Server, the following error is displayed:

"Validation of service definition failed. :Invalid service definition. Cannot have "mixed" data stores with a feature or geocode service."


The following are possible causes for this error.

  • The map document is corrupt.
  • In some instances, map documents retain information from a previous file geodatabase or SDE database that can cause this issue.
  • The ArcGIS for Server account attempting to access the file geodatabase had insufficient permissions.

Solution or Workaround

Follow the suggested options below to solve the issue.

Option A
If the map document is corrupt, recreate the MXD and republish it. To do so:

  1. Open the corrupt MXD in ArcMap, select all the layers of the current MXD and save as a new layer file (.lyr) to preserve symbology.
  2. Open a new ArcMap session.
  3. Add the saved layer file from step 1.
  4. Save as a new MXD and republish.
The Analyze function can assist in determining if there are issues with the GIS resource before publishing. The following documentation describes the Analyze function in detail, ArcGIS for Server: Analyzing your GIS resource.

Option B
Check if the corresponding database is registered with ArcGIS for Server and feature access is enabled from the ArcGIS Server manager page.

The following documentation describes how to register a database with ArcGIS for Server: ArcGIS for Server: Register your data with ArcGIS Server using ArcGIS for Desktop, and how to enable Feature Access in ArcGIS for Server: ArcGIS for Server: Publishing feature services.

Option C
Check if sufficient permissions are granted to the ArcGIS for Server account accessing the file geodatabase.

The following documentation describes how to make data accessible on ArcGIS for Server: ArcGIS for Server: Make your data accessible to ArcGIS Server.
Please check the server logs for more information about this generic error.

Article ID:000012646

  • ArcGIS Server

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