000210 Cannot create output when running Python scripts that create feature classes

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When running a Python script to create a feature class, it fails with "Error 000210: Cannot create output <value>."
[O-Image] Error 000210 in Python Script
User permissions have been granted to that location, the path is correct, and the data is not locked, but the script still fails.


Microsoft Security Essentials is blocking Python from using output file the location.

Other anti-virus programs/applications can also prevent the creation of the feature class.

Although other issues can cause this error, this Knowledge Base article is directed at users who have installed Microsoft Security Essentials and are encountering this issue.

Solution or Workaround

Add an exclusion in Mircosoft Security Essentials. The exclusion can be made for the output file location that is being blocked, for example: C:\temp\scratch.gdb.

  1. Open Mircosoft Security Essentials.
  2. Click the Settings Tab.
  3. Click Excluded files and locations.
    Microsoft Security Essentials

  4. Type or browse to the location of the folder or file where the output is to be created.
  5. Click the Add button.
    Added location to Microsoft Security Essentials excluded files

  6. Click Save Changes.
    Microsoft Security Essentials excluded file


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