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When Portal 10.3.0 is upgraded to Portal 10.3.1, several basemap thumbnail icons are broken, and the new Dark Grey Canvas basemap icon is not shown.

Last Published: May 17, 2016 Portal for ArcGIS
Bug ID Number BUG-000092208
SubmittedNovember 16, 2015
Last ModifiedFebruary 14, 2023
Applies toPortal for ArcGIS
Version found10.3.1
Operating SystemWindows OS
Operating System Version7.0 64 Bit

Additional Information

Re-indexing is required after upgrade, as documented here: This behavior is as designed.


There are two workarounds for this behavior:A) Run a full re-index of the Portal site. Log on to the Portal Admin API, browse to System > Indexer > Reindex > Select Mode = Full > click Reindex.B) Manually create a new basemap group using the following instructions:1) In the My Content view, create a new folder for Basemaps (to keep the files separate).2) In Groups, create a new group called for example, 'Basemaps', set the group as a public group that users cannot join.3) Open a new map with no data in the map. Open a web traffic debugging tool (e.g. Fiddler or Chrome Dev Tools). 4) Start capturing in the web traffic debugger.5) Open the basemap selector, click a basemap. There is a flood of traffic, but before all of the tiles there is a request like this: https://<servername>/arcgis/sharing/rest/content/items/d0135822507947b2a3809af36f2d91e6/data?f=json&token=RO6dLVmaIQyPXV2XOz3_fXDAEMygcG-UZka5rdmfJfyzloOECg3VkyaorXX2q2EWa7ulT9X2q0sg1wu_YI2uwn8UNu_rfh2fKL-whqqIDkRYkaVK0eAx0G1AklWXB8Mg8OI0wviGAPSEHOXmYWCezrFkVSmZRCx7Y7nSVLGWiOZbwInMbtPPiNGY5D1I1aoa 6) Copy the Item ID after content/items, in this case d0135822507947b2a3809af36f2d91e6 7) Open the Item's contents in the Item Details page with a URL like this: https://<yourserver>/arcgis/home/item.html?id=d0135822507947b2a3809af36f2d91e6 8) A page with the information about the basemap is loaded.9) Click Open to open the basemap item in the map viewer.10) Zoom to the extent to be shown in the thumbnail icon.11) Click Save as, the name is <Basemap>-Copy, the 'copy' bit can be deleted. Under 'Save in folder' select the basemaps folder created earlier. 12) Save the map.13) Click Share and share the map with your basemap group.14) Repeat steps 5-13 for the remaining basemaps.15) Browse to the Organization Settings page, click Map on the left side, and select the basemap gallery group. Select the new basemap gallery with new thumbnails.

Steps to Reproduce

Bug ID: BUG-000092208


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