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The Create Database View tool does not accept the divide operator '/' in the view definition input field.

Last Published: March 25, 2015 ArcSDE/Enterprise Geodatabase
Bug ID Number BUG-000085841
SubmittedMarch 4, 2015
Last ModifiedMay 31, 2023
Applies toArcSDE/Enterprise Geodatabase
Version found10.2.2
Operating SystemWindows OS
Operating System Version10.0 64 Bit
StatusIn Product Plan


- Create the view from the relational database management system (RDBMS) side. - Right-click the database connection in ArcCatalog > New > View. - Create the view using ArcSDESQLExecute. For example: import arcpy egdb = r"C:\Users\your-username\AppData\Roaming\ESRI\Desktop10.3\ArcCatalog\theconnection.sde" egdb_conn = arcpy.ArcSDESQLExecute(egdb) sql = ''' CREATE VIEW viewtest AS SELECT OBJECTID, 100/10 AS Price from DATAOWNER.TESTTABLE ''' egdb_return = egdb_conn.execute(sql) ArcSDESQLExecute:

Steps to Reproduce

Bug ID: BUG-000085841


  • ArcSDE/Enterprise Geodatabase

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