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The changes are not saved after editing the metadata of a file-based raster dataset in ArcMap.

Last Published: January 2, 2018 ArcGIS for Desktop
Bug ID Number BUG-000084843
SubmittedJanuary 28, 2015
Last ModifiedJune 9, 2021
Applies toArcGIS for Desktop
Version found10.2.2
Operating SystemWindows
Operating System Version7

Additional Information

This problem cannot be reproduced with the provided raster datasets. This problem is tested most recently using ArcMap 10.6. The metadata can be edited successfully for the raster datasets when the data is added to a new blank map using the Add Data dialog box and the Item Description window is opened from the Table Of Contents. The metadata can also be edited successfully when added to the map from ArcCatalog and the Item Description window is opened from the Table Of Contents. Similarly, if the metadata is updated in the Item Description window when the metadata is opened from the Catalog window, the previous updates can be seen immediately, and when the metadata is edited again, those updates can be seen immediately the next time the metadata is opened from the map's Table Of Contents. There are two suggestions. One is that it is possible that if the data is being accessed from a Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) path or a mapped network drive at the client site and if the network share doesn't provide read-write permissions to the data, then the metadata will also not be able to be edited. This is an expected behavior. If the users can still reproduce the problem, then some information has been left out of the reproducible case steps that prevent the duplication of the problem. The other suggestion is that if a geoprocessing operation is being run on the data, the time that users trying to edit the metadata, it is very possible that the geoprocessing operation temporarily get a write-lock on the data and its metadata, and during that time until the write-locks are released users are unable to edit the metadata. If the data is accessed from a shared network location at the client site, then there are possibilities that another individual is processing the data at the same time, and a second person would not be able to update the metadata until the other person's process is complete.


1. Make metadata edits to a file-based raster dataset from the Catalog window or ArcCatalog without the raster-dataset being in the data frame.2. Use a File Geodatabase Raster Dataset (FGDBR) instead of a file-based raster and edit the metadata from the Table of Contents or Catalog.

Steps to Reproduce

Bug ID: BUG-000084843


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