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The ArcPy property for Layers, connectionProperties, does not return the feature dataset that a feature class belongs to.

Last Published: February 12, 2019 ArcGIS Pro
Bug ID Number BUG-000091909
SubmittedNovember 4, 2015
Last ModifiedJune 5, 2024
Applies toArcGIS Pro
Version found1.1
StatusWill Not Be Addressed

Additional Information

I am closing this issue "As designed". We are consistent with how it works in ArcMap and I can replace a feature class with with a different name, even if in a feature dataset - see code example below.Here is a snippet from the help: "Geodatabase feature datasets are part of a workspace and their names should not be included in the workspace path. If a feature class is moved into or out of a geodatabase feature dataset within the same workspace, nothing should be done in terms of updating map documents or layer file data sources. If a dataset is moved into a different workspace, but of the same workspace type, provide a path to the new workspace, without the geodatabase feature dataset name."The code belowfind_dict = {'connection_info': {'database': 'C:\Temp\FeatureDatasets\GreatLakes_1.gdb'},'dataset': 'GreatLakes','workspace_factory': 'File Geodatabase'}replace_dict = {'connection_info': {'database': 'C:\Temp\FeatureDatasets\GreatLakes_2.gdb'},'dataset': 'GreatLakesNEW','workspace_factory': 'File Geodatabase'}l.updateConnectionProperties(find_dict, replace_dict)


Use the dataSource layer properties to set the full source path including feature dataset.

Steps to Reproduce

Bug ID: BUG-000091909


  • ArcGIS Pro

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