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Text or text nodes with differing fonts display incorrectly when added to ArcMap 10.2 or later.

Last Published: July 24, 2015 ArcGIS for Desktop
Bug ID Number BUG-000081395
SubmittedJanuary 28, 2015
Last ModifiedJune 5, 2024
Applies toArcGIS for Desktop
Version found10.2.2
Version Fixed10.4.0


1. Open the file in Microstation V8i.2. Perform an exclusive selection using the font of the text and text node elements as the basis of the selection.• Open the Select By Attributes window: Go to Edit > Select By Attributes.• Select Text and Text Nodes as the types.• Change the Mode to 'Exclusive'.• In Settings, select Text and Text Node.• In the Text and Text Node window, check the Font checkbox and enter the number '3'.• In the Select By Attributes window, click the Execute button. All of the problem text is selected.3. Invoke the Element Information window.4. Under Formatting, change the Font Name to 'Standard'.5. Save the file and settings.

Steps to Reproduce

Bug ID: BUG-000081395


  • ArcGIS for Desktop

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