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Collector for ArcGIS (Android) 10.3.3 returns the error, “Unable to update feature" when editing a feature in an offline download map if the feature layer in question only allows updates to features and an alternate layer in the web map has editing disabled. If either of the layers has editing enabled in the web map or the feature layer has create only, or all editing capabilities, this issue is not encountered.

Last Published: September 17, 2015 Collector Classic for ArcGIS (Android)
Bug ID Number BUG-000089964
SubmittedAugust 14, 2015
Last ModifiedJune 5, 2024
Applies toCollector Classic for ArcGIS (Android)
Version found10.3.3


1) Allow updates only to either allow all edits, or only allow create. 2) Enable editing on all layers in the web map.

Steps to Reproduce

Bug ID: BUG-000089964


  • Collector Classic for ArcGIS (Android)

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