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Adding a special character in the Side Panel section of the Story Map Journal irrevocably corrupts the application.

Last Published: October 2, 2015 ArcGIS Online
Bug ID Number BUG-000085962
SubmittedMarch 9, 2015
Last ModifiedJune 11, 2020
Applies toArcGIS Online
Version found3.7


Copy and paste all text to Notepad before adding the text to the Story Map Journal. Notepad cannot recognize the special characters and turns it into dots that do not corrupt the application. To salvage an application that has already been corrupted: 1) Sign in the ArcGIS Online Assistant ( using the credentials of the user who is hosting the application. 2) Click "I want to.." and select "View an Item's JSON", then select the corrupt web application. 3) Copy the text of the Data section into Notepad++ and search for characters that either show up as a square or a dot, but are invisible when viewing the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in ArcGIS Online Assistant. Then remove that character from the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in ArcGIS Online Assistant. Since the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is often very large, the task above is very complex. A few suggestions for troubleshooting: - Make a new web application that is the same template as the corrupted application. Next, copy the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) from the corrupt application to the new application in ArcGIS Online Assistant. Tests can be done on the new application without further damaging the already corrupt application. - The problem is usually reproduced in the application Side Panel, where text is copied from some other source that contains the corrupting character. Focus the search for the problematic character to the sections titled 'content' which contain the text in the Side Panels. - In the spare copy of the application, delete each section titled 'content' and refresh the application after each modification. Once it starts working, then focus on that 'content' section looking for the corrupting character.

Steps to Reproduce

Bug ID: BUG-000085962


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