In Location Referencing 10.8 behobene Probleme


Diese Ankündigung enthält die Liste der mit den Versionen Pro 2.5, Desktop 10.8 und Server 10.8 behobenen Probleme, die sich auf ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing und Roads and Highways beziehen.


Pro 2.5

    ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing und Esri Roads and Highways
  • GIT2020: Generate Routes: Derived Network has no measures when the first two routes are in the opposite direction of the increasing line order.
  • BUG-000123542: An invalid event record is created if the event behaviors for CalibrateRoute and RealignRoute are set to 'Move' and 'Stay Put' respectively.

Enterprise 10.8

    ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing und Esri Roads and Highways
  • BUG-000126639: GeometryToMeasure functionality for LRSServer map service shows route points locations even outside of the specified tolerance value.
  • BUG-000126147: Concurrencies operation on a linear referencing (LRS) enabled map service does not return expected results at ArcGIS Server v10.7.1.
  • BUG-000122847: Certain decimals change after manual inputting certain numbers in attributes within Event Editor.

ArcMap 10.8

    Esri Roads and Highways
  • BUG-000125618: Delete Routes Geoprocessing tool fails unless the data owner user is connecting to enterprise geodatabase.
  • BUG-000123422: When Registering an Event from the ALRS Properties window, Event behaviors will reset to defaults.