Ankündigung von ArcGIS Location Referencing 10.5


Diese Seite enthält die Liste mit Problemen, die mit der Version von ArcGIS Location Referencing 10.5.1 speziell für Esri Roads and Highways behoben wurden.


    Desktop und Server
  • TFS52127 ExportNetwork GP service does not return the latest state of network routes after route edits have been made by another client but before the GP service has been recycled/restarted.
  • TFS53667 Relocate Events GP tool reports event measures past end of route.
  • TFS53668 Relocate Events GP tool reports event measures past end of route for cartographically realigned route.

  • Desktop
  • TFS49138 Reassign route event behaviors do not correctly split and snap events if calibrate route behavior is set to retire.
  • TFS51740 Translate Events from LRM to LRM GP tool fails when Source and Target RouteIDs are different lengths.
  • TFS51811 Realigning a route to create a concurrency then retiring the other route to eliminate the concurrency on the same date results in the snapped events getting the incorrect measures.
  • TFS51854 Reassigning/Reversing a middle portion of a route results in step of 0 gap calibration method being applied to downstream portion of route no matter what was configured in network properties.
  • TFS52348 Generate Routes GP tool fails with error "This type of cursor does not support this operation. For example, calling UpdateRow on a read-only cursor." when run on networks where any of the routes need to be updated.
  • TFS52370 Change wording in Network Creation wizard in ArcMap to better translate to languages other than English.
  • TFS52597 Update Intersections GP tool fails with "Unable to generate intersection points. Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error when the intersection name is .
  • TFS52895 Creating an ALRS with an XYZ tolerance different than the default for the selected spatial reference results in the resolution remaining with the default value.
  • TFS53090 Identify LRS Route Locations causes heavy memory consumption in certain situations and can cause ArcMap to run out of memory and crash.
  • TFS53113 Calculate Route Concurrencies GP tool fails with Underlying DBMS error when using SQL Server on certain lollipop route types.
  • TFS53120 Editing a Calibration Point upstream of a physical gap on a route with multiple time slices results in recalibration not being applied to calibration points from the beginning of the gap to the end of the route.
  • TFS53166 Gap calibration rules not honored for gaps introduced during reassignment and retirement on certain routes.
  • TFS53172 Editing multiple non-adjacent Calibration Points on the same route with recalibrate downstream option checked results in incorrect upstream and downstream calibration behavior.
  • TFS53230 Editing a calibration point on a route with multiple time slices results in downstream calibration not being applied.
  • TFS53232 Overlay Route Events GP tool uses the incorrect time slices of routes in the network with certain time based definition queries applied.
  • TFS53289 Realigning a route then cartographically realigning the portion of the route in the pre realignment time slice results in downstream events shifting and having incorrect measures applied.
  • TFS53310 Overlay Route Events GP tool output includes retired events that fall outside the temporal view date applied to the input layers.
  • TFS53315 Adding calibration points with different start dates to the same route at different locations then applying updates results in non-monotonic route.
  • TFS53410 Detect Gaps in Linear Events GP tool is not returning records for an event with a gap slightly larger than the tolerance.
  • TFS53441 Identify LRS Route Locations shows EventID for RouteID column for Roads and Highways events.
  • TFS53485 Identify LRS Route Locations fails if the network feature class participates in a join with a gdb-registered object.
  • TFS53659 Running Launch ArcMap step in Workflow Manager results in data layers from Roads and Highways ALRS being renamed and definition queries being set to default in MXD.
  • TFS53848 Overlay Route Events GP tool generates field names with extra characters, which breaks Roadway Reporter.

  • Server
  • TFS53093 Event Editor: Incorrect transformation between (NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_Arizona_Central_FIPS_0202_Feet_Intl) and Web Mercator in Event Editor.
  • TFS53279 Event Editor: The number of decimals in event attribute table and identify attributes do not match for the event measures.
  • TFS53360 Roadway Reporter: Mileage Report fails when run summarizing on network layer that has GlobalID field.
  • TFS53445 Event Editor: Attribute set results show for From Measure field when measure is smaller than tolerance but not 0.
  • TFS53746 Event Editor: Coincident events incorrectly merged in add linear events widget when attribute set does not contain all columns in an attribute.