Bug-Nummer NIM091735
Erzeugt am May 17, 2013
Modified Mar 30, 2022
Schweregrad Medium
Übernehmen für ArcSDE/Enterprise Geodatabase
Gefundene Version 10.1
Progr.-Sprache n. z.
Server-Plattform Windows OS 2008 64 Bit
Client-Plattform Windows OS 2008 64 Bit
Datenbank All
Gebietsschema n. z.
Status Will Not Be Addressed
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SP Fixed

Bug NIM091735


In ArcMap in the Editor toolbar, the attribute values of a non-versioned feature class can be edited in an edit session even if versioning is enabled in the Editor options.

Zusätzliche Informationen

This defect is submitted for an ArcGIS release that is no longer supported. If this continues to be an issue, please contact Esri Technical Support.

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