Bug-Nummer NIM097238
Erzeugt am Dec 10, 2013
Modified Jun 11, 2020
Schweregrad Medium
Übernehmen für ArcGIS for Desktop
Gefundene Version 10.2
Progr.-Sprache n. z.
Datenbank n. z.
Gebietsschema n. z.
Status Implemented
Behoben in Version 3.6
SP Fixed

Bug NIM097238


An MXD with a large set of records does not upload completely when published as a service to ArcGIS Online.

Zusätzliche Informationen

n. z.

Alternative Lösung

1) Add a Global ID to the table before publishing the MXD. This resolves the failure to upload all the records, and speeds up the publishing process considerably (approximately five to 10 times faster).

2) Split the table to 750,000 records or lesser before publishing the MXD. Publishing two tables of 750,000 records simultaneously works, while publishing one table of 1.5 million records does not.