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Bug-Nummer BUG-000136739
Erzeugt am Jan 13, 2021
Modified May 05, 2021
Schweregrad Medium
Übernehmen für ArcGIS Field Maps
Gefundene Version No Version Found
Progr.-Sprache n. z.
Server-Plattform Apple iOS 14.0x
Client-Plattform Apple iOS 14.0x
Datenbank n. z.
Gebietsschema n. z.
Status Fixed
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Behoben in Version 21.1
SP Fixed N/A

Bug BUG-000136739


Unless viewing at the world scale, tracking layers are not displayed in the ArcGIS Field Maps mobile app on both Apple and Android devices.

Zusätzliche Informationen

n. z.

Alternative Lösung

There are two workarounds:

  • In the map, zoom to the full map extent.
  • Click Layers icon > click Tracks or Last Known Locations. The map zooms to the full extent and the layers are displayed.