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Bug-Nummer BUG-000118867
Erzeugt am Dec 17, 2018
Modified Sep 28, 2022
Schweregrad Medium
Übernehmen für ArcGIS GIS Server
Gefundene Version 10.6.1
Progr.-Sprache n. z.
Server-Plattform Windows OS
Client-Plattform Windows OS
Datenbank n. z.
Gebietsschema n. z.
Status Fixed
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Behoben in Version 10.8.1
SP Fixed N/A

Bug BUG-000118867


'Install All Patches' in the ArcGIS Enterprise Patch Notification tool fails to install all updates and closes prematurely.

Zusätzliche Informationen

n. z.

Alternative Lösung

Perform any of the workarounds listed below:
  • If there are multiple ArcGIS Enterprise components installed on the same machine, use the Patch Notification Tool with one of the other components. For example, use the Patch Notification Tool with ArcGIS Data Store to install the patches for ArcGIS Server and bypass this issue.
  • Re-launch the ArcGIS Enterprise Patch Notification Tool and click 'Install All Patches' again. Repeat this process until all patches are installed.
  • Install updates one at a time.