Bug Number ENH-000100427
Submitted Oct 28, 2016 12:49 PM
Severity Medium
Applies To ArcGIS for Utilities and Telecom
Version Found 10.3
Prog Language N/A
Server Platform Windows 10.0
Client Platform Windows 10.0
Database N/A
Locale N/A
Status Implemented
Version Fixed
SP Fixed

Bug ENH-000100427


Add a Show Config Information (Water) (Button) with the Water Utility Network Editing and Analysis solution.

Additional Information


Alternate Solution

1. Provide the appropriate/comparable step by step workflow to help illustrate the request.<br>See the attached document with an explanation and screenshots.<br>The Gas Utility Network Tools as well as Attribute Assistant have buttons that are either on the toolbar by default (AA) or can be added to the toolbar (Gas).<br>But there is no such button for the Water Utility Network Editing and Analysis solution.<br> <br>2. What is the problem feature X is trying to solve? (i.e. What is the problem/limitation/design choice that is preventing the customer from moving forward?)<br>The Show Config Information button makes these solutions far easier to use, especially for customers who manage multiple configuration files that are specific to different jobs.<br><br>3. What are the benefits or changes that would result from the enhancement? (i.e. How does making this change help the customer&#39;s workflow or business?)<br>The Water solution would be easier to use for customer who manage different config files.