FAQ: Is the Identify tool available in ArcGIS Pro?


Is the Identify tool available in ArcGIS Pro?


By default, there is no Identify tool in ArcGIS Pro.

The default tool for all views in ArcGIS Pro is the Explore tool. It provides all the necessary navigation operations to orient a map or scene as well as identify features. For more details, refer to ArcGIS Pro Help page, Navigation.

In addition, if another tool is active, selected, or measured, users can hold down the 'C' key and this temporarily activates the Explore tool to easily pan, zoom, identify without having to change the tool. Currently, it is not possible to draw a box to identify features with the Explore tool.

Users may also configure whether to return a pop-up for all the top-most, visible layers, and selectable layers by clicking the drop-down on the Explore command. This is how users can return multiple features in multiple layers. The pop-up experience in ArcGIS Pro is designed to be similar to other applications in the platform, including the ArcGIS Online map viewer, where a single click with the navigate tool shows a pop-up. Pop-ups can be configured for each layer to control what fields display, show hyperlinks, embed images, and add graphs.

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