How To: Access offline edits from Collector for ArcGIS directly from an Android or iOS device


Collector for ArcGIS stores offline replicas in a SQLite database (.geodatabase) before they are synchronized back to the feature service. In the case where offline edits cannot be synchronized, the locally stored edits can be extracted from the mobile device and converted to a file geodatabase. The instructions below describe the steps to do this in Collector for ArcGIS on both the iOS and Android operating systems.

These instructions are to be used as a last option to salvage data from the device. Please also contact Esri Technical Support to provide an analyst with device information and details on how the error occurred.


For iOS:
[O-Image] iTunes
1. Install iTunes on a PC.

2. Connect the iOS device to the PC on which iTunes is installed.

3. Open iTunes and navigate using the following steps.

a. Connect to the mobile device.
b. Select 'Apps'.
c. Select 'Collector'.
d. Select the folder that corresponds to the ArcGIS Online username.
e. Save this to a location on the local machine.

For Android:
[O-Image] androiddevice
1. Connect the Android device to the PC.

2. Browse to the ArcGIS Collector folder > Offline Data.

For example:

Computer\<Name of phone>\Phone\ArcGIS_Collector\offline_data

3. Copy the entire folder containing the .geodatabase file from the device and paste it to the local machine.

If unable to browse files using the Android device, install a file explorer application to access the data.

Use the .geodatabase file from the device as the input for the Copy Runtime to File Geodatabase Tool, available at version 10.3 of ArcMap Desktop.

The output of this tool is a file geodatabase containing any unsynchronized edits and photo attachments that can now be migrated back into the original database if necessary.

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