How To: Activate and authorize ArcGIS 10.x EDN subscription licenses


Instructions provided describe how to activate an EDN Subscription, obtain EDN-related authorization numbers for ArcGIS, and download and authorize ArcGIS software on development platforms.


To access EDN-related authorization numbers for ArcGIS, the EDN Subscription number must be linked to an Esri Global Account and activated.

After receiving an EDN Subscription number from Esri Customer Service, follow the activation procedures below.

  1. Go to the Esri Service Site and log in using an Esri Global Account. If the account does not exist, click the 'Create account' link.

    Log into the newly created account with username and password.

    If the Esri Global Account already exists, log in and go to Step 2.

  2. Click the 'EDN License Activation' link located in the left panel of the Web page.

    Enter the EDN subscription number (for example, EDN12345789) received from Esri Customer Service and click the Activate EDN License button.

    This links the global account to the EDN subscription.

    Only one Esri global account can be associated with a single EDN subscription. If activation fails, please contact Customer Service at service@esri.com.

  3. To obtain the EDN-related authorization numbers for ArcGIS, go to the Customer Care Portal.
    Click the EDN ESRI Developer Network button to see assigned authorization numbers for each product included in the EDN subscription (for example, ECP123456789, ESU123456789).

    These are the numbers to use to authorize the respective ArcGIS software.

    Products listed vary depending on the level of EDN subscription purchased.

  4. To download software, click the Software Downloads button to see a list of available products. Once the ArcGIS software has been downloaded, it must be extracted and installed, and then authorized. Step 5 includes links on how to authorize Esri software.

    See the Related Information section for information on extracting an .ISO file.
  5. Use the following links for instructions about how to authorize ArcGIS Server, Desktop and Engine Runtime Version 10.x:

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