How To: Create and apply a custom map template


Instructions provided are for creating and applying a custom layout, allowing multiple map projects to use the same layout template for printing maps. This saves time from creating a layout for each map created.


Setting up a custom map layout requires creating a common ArcMap template (.mxt) in ArcMap:

  1. Start ArcMap and go to the layout view by navigating View > Layout View to create the layout of choice.
  2. When the custom layout is completed, navigate to File > Save as.
  3. In the 'Save as type' drop down box select ArcMap Templates (*.mxt). Select a disk location to save the file and a name for the template and then click Save.
  4. Open an existing map document and change to Layout View.
  5. On the layout toolbar, click the Change layout
    [O-Image] Change layout button
  6. Click the Browse folder button and browse to the MXT created in steps 1 and 2. Click Finish.

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