How To: How to clip a raster to a shapefile using Extract by Mask tool from ArcToolbox


Instructions provided describe how to clip a raster based on a polygon shapefile or feature class.

This can only be performed one band at a time. For color images (multiband), each individual band needs to be run through this procedure. The resulting bands need to be grouped back together with the 'Composite Bands' tool.

The Spatial Analyst extension is required to access the proper tools.


  1. In ArcToolbox navigate to Spatial Analyst Tools > Extraction > Extract by Mask. Open this tool.
  2. Specify the raster desired to clip as the input raster.
  3. Specify the polygon feature class/shapefile desired to clip the raster.
  4. Specify an output raster.
  5. Click OK to run the tool.

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