How To: Uninstall the Tomcat service


Contained in this document are the steps necessary to uninstall a Tomcat service.


  1. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel.

    On Windows NT:
    Click Services.

    On Windows 2000:
    Click Administrative Tools > Services.
  2. Find the Tomcat service you are going to uninstall.
  3. On Windows NT:
    Double-click the Tomcat service.

    On Windows 2000:
    Right-click the Tomcat service and go to Properties.
  4. There should be a 'Path to executable' in the service properties. Make a note of that location and executable.
  5. Open a DOS prompt.
  6. Change directories to the path given in step 4.
  7. In the directory in which you found the executable (step 4), enter one of the following:

    If the name of the executable is JavaService.exe:

    JavaService -uninstall <service_name>

    If the name of the executable is TomcatService.exe:

    TomcatService -uninstall <service_name>

    If the name of the executable is jk_nt_service.exe:

    jk_nt_service -r <service_name>