How To: Determine the Working Directory of a damaged ArcView project


Knowing the location of a project's Working Directory can be helpful in troubleshooting a project that will not open.


  1. Open the damaged .apr file in a text editor, such as Notepad or WordPad. You may need to set 'Files of type' to 'All Files' in the Open dialog box in order to see .apr files.
  2. Search the document for the string WorkDir. You should see a number associated with the WorkDir, write this number down. For exmaple:

    WorkDir:  848

  3. Starting at the top of the file, search for the number you found above. For example, 848 find something like this:


  4. A few lines down you should see the path to the project's Working Directory. For example:

     Path:  "c:/temp"

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