Error: The coordinates or measures are out of bounds

Error Message

Adding a new coordinate outside a geodatabase x,y domain in ArcMap returns the error:

"The Create Feature task could not be completed.
The coordinates or measures are out of bounds."


A coordinate of the added feature is beyond the extents of the feature class x,y domain. Geodatabase feature coordinates must fall within the feature class x,y domain extent. The x,y domain is set when the dataset or stand-alone feature class is created. It cannot be updated after creation.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Right-click the problem feature class from ArcCatalog and click Export > Geodatabase to Geodatabase.
  2. Navigate to the output Geodatabase location and type the name of the new feature class.
    [O-Image] Export Geodatabase to Geodatabase dialog box
  3. Click the Change Settings > Spatial Ref tab > Change.
    [O-Image] Geodatabase Spatial Reference dialog box
  4. Click the X/Y Domain tab and update the extents to accommodate the new data you wish to add.
  5. Click OK on the 3 dialog boxes to initiate the export.
  6. If using an SDE Geodatabase, right-click the new feature class to register it as versioned before returning to ArcMap to edit.
  7. Verify the new feature class extents in ArcMap by right clicking the Feature Class > Choose Properties > Source tab.

    All feature classes in a feature dataset possess the X/Y domain of the feature dataset. If your original feature class is in a feature dataset, the new feature class cannot reside in the original feature dataset. It must be created as a stand-alone feature class or a feature class in a feature dataset with extents that go far enough to encompass the new coordinates.

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